Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hiking in Huddart County Park

Today, we decided (despite the slightly drizzly weather), to hike in the beautiful Huddart County Park in San Mateo / Woodside, CA.

Based on recommendations in, we initially tried to follow the Crystal Springs Trail.
The Crystal Springs Trail is a single track trail that runs down the northern section of the park and connects to several trails in the park. This trail can be accessed at the Zwierlein Trailhead. There are no panoramic views on this trail but the hiker will experience hiking among redwood, madrone, and oak trees. This trail connects with the Canyon TrailCampground TrailDean Trail and Chaparral Trail. This trail will also cross McGarvey Gulch Creek. Crystal Springs Trail is the only trail that goes from the top to the bottom of the park.

I initially tried to use Alltrails and my iPhone 7 to help me guide on the trail, but somehow got on the Richards Road trail instead. However, I was able to get back onto Crystal Springs Trail and continue the beautiful hike.

Although the weather was initially drizzly, the dense forest canopy did not let much rain through and the sun started to come out mid-way through the hike.

We ran into a few deer on the path and a few horseback riders too.

Using MapMyWalk, I recorded our wanderings as follows. We did not have enough time to do the full Crystal Springs trail, but we enjoyed the short portion of the hike that we did. We definitely would like to come back again and continue where we left off.

We saw a lot of large mushrooms on the trail. Some were quite large.

It was a quiet, scenic, beautiful hike. I plan to come back here again.