Sunday, December 25, 2016

Review: "The Illusionists Turn of the Century" on Broadway (Palace Theater)

While in New York City, on the spur of the moment, we decided to purchase tickets to see The Illusionists -Turn of the Century. We were not really planning to see it, but Inna read some fantastic reviews and was curious about this Broadway quality magic show. Using TodayTix app on my iPhone (extremely useful for last minute tickets), I was able to purchase three discounted tickets for the Christmas performance (when most other museums and venues are closed anyway).

The show is stage in the beautiful Palace Theater on Broadway, but we had a difficult time getting in. Broadway was extremely crowded on Christmas and it took us some effort to make any forward progress into the theater.

The Illusionists features many separate acts and I list some of the highlights here:
  1. The Clairvoyants - Thommy Ten & Amelie Van Tos
    • Thommy and Amelie tried to show their mind reading tricks by repeatedly being able to tell members of the audience what was in their hands or handbags - while Amelie was blindfolded. The tried to show that without hidden cameras or microphones, they could read people's minds (so to speak)
    • There was one amazing acts in which a member of the audience randomly selected a number of jelly bellies in a canister and Amile (while blindfolded) was able to tell him that he had chosen exactly 52 candies. I don't know how she counted them blindfolded.
  2. The Daredevil - Jonathan Goodwin
    • In one stunt, Jonathan lied down on two large nails (that seemed preposterous), while a member of the audience broke a concrete block with a hammer. How he did not die is a mystery
    • In another stunt, Jonathan (while blindfolded) used a bullwhip to cut the flower held by an audience member with her mouth
    • In yet another stunt, Jonathan is handcuffed and raise on a burning rope above a bed of long nails. If he does not escape, the rope will break and he will fall to his death on to the nail bed. He escapes (of course), but it looks very precarious
  3. The Grand Carlini - Justo Thaus
    • Justo had an act with rings. He was able to take three rings off man and women and interlock them. Then, he was able to magically unlock them.
  4. The Immortal - Rick Thomas
    • Rick Thomas was able to float his assistant in the air (without any visible wires). How did he do that?
    • The floating, glowing sphere which seemed to go all directions without any wires. How did he do that?

  • The Charlatan - Dana Daniels
  • The Eccentric - Charlie Frye
  • The Daredevil - Jonathan Goodwin
  • The Showman - Mark Kalin
  • The Conjuress - Jinger Leigh
  • The Grand Carlini - Justo Thaus
  • The Immortal - Rick Thomas
  • The Clairvoyants - Thommy Ten & Amelie Van Toss
The Illusionists Report Card

  • Lots of fantastic magical illusions
  • The floating, glowing ball was amazing. How did they do that?
  • The floating and then vanishing lady
  • Two nail bed - how did the Daredevil not get punctured?
  • Some of the card tricks were a bit lame