Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hiking Dipsea Trail at Stinson Beach

For a while, we planned to hike some trails near Stinson Beach (Mt. Tamalpais). While I hiked Mt. Tamalpais in the past with the Sierra Club, I have never hiked the proposed Dipsea Trail.

The Dipsea Trail is located at the intersection of Highway 1 and Arenal Avenue in Stinson Beach.

Since our friends were running late, we stopped by for breakfast at the nearby Parkside Cafe. We didn't expect it to have such freshly baked pastries! We really liked the croissants and lattes/mochas made there.

Having hike many trails in Big Basin, Castle Rock, Point Lobos, and Yosemite, I was truly surprised by how beautiful this trail turned out to be.

The trail covers areas of lush forest with heavy tree cover, and open brush. We saw a few waterfalls on the way (though not very tall) and many bridges crossing streams & chasms.

There were very tall redwoods, grasses, and lush vegetation. We even saw a coyote. Inna got a chance to climb between tall redwoods.

On the way to the top, we entered an enchanted forest - it looked like Arenal Volcanic National Park in Costa Rica (with fog and light drizzle).

The moss-covered trees were so beautiful - like out of a children's fairy tale.

After the hike, we stopped by for a few hours at Stinson Beach. It was a bit cold, windy, and chilly on the beach (despite it being only early September).

We had a very enjoyable time on the Dipsea Trail hike and hope to be back soon.